Public Funding Pledge

I pledge to be part of the sponsorship of a public funding only bill for all elections and promise to only take publicly funded donations for my campaign. 

The People’s Lobby is a grassroots organization of Green Party members who plan to lobby their Legislators about the need for campaign finance reform. Members of the People’s Lobby will ask their Legislators to stop accepting corporate money and use public funding, thereby returning the Legislators’ responsibilities to the people, instead of to their corporate interests. With the infamous 2010 Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to donate unlimited funds to aid or smear candidates, the importance of the People’s Lobby has drastically increased. 

In April 2019 – Green Party members are planning to organize and send members from all 50 states to visit every member of the House and Senate to ask them to:

Statistics say that every congressman spends an average of 2-3 days on the phone, or in various other ways, trying to get financing for their re-election! The Green Party will initiate the challenge that will also give congress an out from their pressures of servitude to the numerous for – profit entities lurking about .our halls of congress. Public funding will allow them to give REAL SERVICE to their constituents, humanity in general and the planets better future.

We will ask them to:

Not only will they have more time to actually get more things done for their legacy, but they will appease their voters by not having any nasty strings attached to their votes. Then they can really live up to their task of serving the public. They’ll feel better and so will we: the voting public. This will apply to the evenly shared use of the publics’ airwaves, mailings and the free press.

They then can compete on a fair level of skill where they (as incumbents) have the experience, past record and name recognition to give them an advantage, but still they can declare them selves completely free of any special interests that would appear to sway their votes. 


Because they have taken the “PUBLIC FUNDING ONLY PLEDGE” for the 2020 elections and are co-sponsoring legislation to end ANY MONEY from outside sources.

In the end — we, the taxpayers, will actually SAVE money and our leaders can SAVE face! It’s a win win we can not pass up.

Greens get ready!!!