Greens on the Ground in DC – Day 1

April 1, 2019, Jennifer Sullivan [Fla]:

Today in the Longworth Building we spoke with Alison Thomas for FL Rep. Matt Gaetz (Destin area) – Joshua Woodward legislative assistant for FL Ted Yoho and Virginia Poe campaign finance assistant to FL Rep Charlie Crist.

We stopped into the offices of Ilhan Omar- Minnesota, Lucy McBath – Georgia, Tulsi Gabard – Hawai’i, Lauren Underwood – Illinois (where I own property in her district).

We are sharing our bill for public funding only of all elections and decrying the parts of HR1 that hurt democracy by upping the costs to qualify for any current public funding. Also we could resist stopping and and saluting Pramila Jaypal of Washington for presenting the Move to Amend to Congress as sponsor – even though we told her that we do have a Washington Green in town and to expect her in the next couple of days.

It is a shame that some states could not get someone here, but we are trying our best to do your speaking for you on this crucial issue to those who may be potential allies. We also asked Ilhan Omar to please consider joining the Green Party.

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