Greens on the Ground in DC – Day 2

April 2, 2019, Jennifer Sullivan [FLA] and Kathryn Lewandowsky [WA]: Today we met in Al Lawson’s office, Neal Dunn, Stephanie Murphy, Ted Deutch, Val Demmings, Senator Marco Rubio (all from Florida) Mark Pocan (Wisconsin – Judiciary Commitee), Doug Collins (GA), Senator Patti Murray (WA), and Representatives Kim Schrier and Derek Kilmer (WA).

Our first appointment was with Al Lawson’s (FL) legislative correspondent Amber Milenkevich. Rep Lawson supported HR1 and we (of course) pointed out the toxic parts for their future reference. They have concerns about the security of voting on line in party primaries and preferred mail in ballots. 

Next we met with Courtney Veach who was the legislative assistant and counsel for Neal Dunn (FL). Thought the most important part of an election was making sure there was a peaceful transfer of power, voted against HR1 , said shorter elections would not reduce costs, felt that money is speech and that a first amendment right is name recognition or slogan on signs. How so you learn about candidates without advertising? Of course we had answers for this. But, not surprisingly, as Republicans they felt that the first amendment set a precedent for elections about just how money talks! In any case they felt that public funding was not a solution.

During the day we stopped into these offices: Senator Marco Rubio (FL) where, while waiting, my throat dried up as we sat there at length and we ended up just leaving the bill and our Florida info. Senator Rubio has always had that sort of effect on me one way or another.

Our Florida colleagues had issues come up just before coming where they could not make it, so we ended up adding the potential FL congress members to our agenda. Better vibes at Ted Deutch and Val Demmings both (FL) and also Mark Pocan (Wisconsin). Kathryn Lewandowsky met with Pramila Jaypal (WA).

Stopped into Stephanie Murphy’s (FL) but never were able to secure a pre -arranged  appointment with her Aid Alli Everton briefly. Many Democrats seem as apprehensive of Greens, as we have noticed before. Josh owns property in GA that he pays taxes on, so we spoke briefly at far right Republican Doug Collins’s office. Darlene Elias joined us that evening.

Greens Kathryn Lewandowsky, WA and Jen Sullivan, FLA
Greens Kathryn Lewandowsky, WA and Jen Sullivan, FLA, and Josh Pritchett, FLA
Greens Jen Sullivan, FLA and Kathryn Lewandowsky, WA
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